like fantasy sports
but you’re a player

Build your team of friends and cheer each other on as you go head-to-head against other teams in your league every week.

Friendly Competition
with optional trash talk

You do you, boo. Stay connected with your friends and keep each other motivated, by whatever means are effective.

it’s not peer pressure
but accountability counts

Whether you’re a 5x Iron Man competitor or a couch-to-5k newbie, it’s easier to show up for you when you’re showing up for your team.

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make every moove count.

It’s no secret that people work harder when others are watching. And it’s not surprising that we’re better at sticking to shared commitments than those we take on solo.

Structured like fantasy sports leagues but with you and your friends scoring the points in weekly match-ups, Moove is fundamentally an accountability hack that helps you hit your fitness goals.


Round up some buddies and create a league.


Break a sweat every day and rack up points for your team.


Win your matchup and move up in the standings.

(Fridays can get intense.)

don’t just stand there
bust a moove.

if you’re sweating you’re scoring

The way you moove is up to you.

Earn points surfing. Running. Chopping wood. Weightlifting. Practicing yoga. Landscaping. Whatever. You and your teammates don’t do the same thing (unless you want to).

Solo Play

Don’t have a team or feel like organizing a league quite yet? Want to start competing right now? Perfect – Challenge a friend, family member, co-worker – to a 5 day challenge. Your own virtual accountability buddy. Wins & losses are recorded on your personal page and keep track of your friends on your very own personal leaderboard!

Private Leagues

Do you love to Moove and compete amongst familiar names and faces? Round up a group of family, friends, co-workers, the old college crew, PTO pals … you get the point. Moove can customize the league to your group’s preferences – when you go private the possibilities are endless. Want to learn more about Moove Private? Of course you do, let’s go!

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Private League MVPs

See the app in action

I loved this program. I needed the motivation and a team sport was just the ticket. I’m not competitive (for the most part), but reaching the team goal (10 points per day) is doable and motivating.

Pam G.

I’ll definitely work out more because of Moove. It was motivating because I didn’t want to let my team down.

Teresa K.

You’ve brought lots of joy back in my life and reminded me how important it is to take care of myself and workout!!

Caitlin C.

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