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moove for educators helps keep educators inspired, healthy, and connected with one another through a little friendly competition. Sweat together, compete together,
and bond together today.

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It’s no secret that people work harder when others are watching. And it’s not surprising that we’re better at sticking to shared commitments than those we take on solo.

Structured like fantasy sports leagues but with you and your friends scoring the points in weekly match-ups, Moove is fundamentally an accountability hack that helps you hit your fitness goals.

From Smart Board

to Leaderboard

moove is the ultimate tool to bring together educators and promote a healthy, active lifestyle in and out of the classroom.

build healthy habits

that last a lifetime

Moove now offers free access to teachers K-12 (primary-secondary) and supporting staff across the world. All fitness levels welcome—earn points for everything from walking or meditation to cross fit or canoeing. Plus, no hardware needed—log your points in real time to keep your team in the running!

Educator leagues in the wild

driving teamwork
& camaraderie

Just like in the classroom, Moove encourages educators to come together to achieve a common goal, allowing players the chance to see co-workers and friends in a new light and form stronger and more personal bonds. Team up and go against other districts, schools, or even departments.



team bonding

I have so many people moving who have never moved like this before. New friendships are being made and for the first time the staff is asking for more time to hang out together! This has been a game changer for our work climate!

Kim L, Fair Haven NJ Public Schools

kind words coming soon!

Interboro School District

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    frequently asked questions

    How long does it take to set up a league?

    Once your roster is ready (aka all of your teams are organized), leagues can be up and running within 1-2 weeks, but we recommend adding some extra time to get your group familiar with moove through a free demo.

    Does moove sync with my wearable?

    Not yet! But we are actively working on that. Right now, all point entry is done manually and on the honor system.

    How do we continue after our season is over?

    Moove offers several ways to continue to playing exciting head-to-head matchups even after your group’s season is over. 1. Start another FREE private league for up to 32 players (educators and non-profits can run any size group at no cost!). 2. Create a customize enterprise private league for an unlimited number of players, plus you call the shots! 3. Go head-to-head in a single player hea

    Are there any requirements?

    Anyone with a .edu email address that works for a K-12 school (both public or private) is qualified for a free league for an unlimited amount of players.
    Looking to start a league at a college or university? Send us a note at