How We Started

In March 2020 a small group of friends found themselves without access to any of their usual workout options. Gyms were closed, trails roped off, golf courses still, basketball and tennis courts locked up – even a walk to work was no longer a given with offices closed and employees directed to WFH.

Enter: Moove. Originally named Pelovid [for obvious reasons], teams were formed and off they went with one singular call to action: MOVE. EVERYDAY. FOR YOUR TEAM. Their vehicle? The Peloton. Daily challenges within the group motivated, entertained and held members accountable, and what started small began to grow. In May 2020, 60 people joined the competition. By July 2020, 260 people were ALL IN. And, with a little word of mouth and a lot of excitement, by October 2020, 520 people said “Let’s Moove!” From there, Moove caught on like wildfire. Competition, consistency, connection, accountability were just a few of the reasons our community grew at such an exponential rate. At a time when gathering and socializing were frowned upon, Moove was a reason to come together. To Moove Together.

During this time, Moove became more than just a Peloton competition with small additions like walking/running and outdoor cycling added to the game. Fast forward to today, there are now 150 ways to Moove and earn points – from hikes, hoops, and hardcore HIIT classes to less strenuous activities like walking and weeding. Moove users range from professional athletes to couch potatoes and lots of people in between at varying fitness levels. Today, we continue to evolve and grow; most recently with our newly developed Moove app, created to accompany our dedicated Moove website – and we continue to offer options of public and private leagues to accommodate various groups and individuals worldwide.

Moove was created as a way to reconnect friends in a very disconnected time. Born out of boredom and isolation, Moove continues to grow and carve out its own space in the ever-changing, fast-growing online fitness world. So, are you ready to Moove? LET’S GO!

How It Works


Rally a few friends. Round up a group of family, friends, co-workers, the old college crew, PTO pals … you get the point. Or just grab a few friends from each group and put them together! The six degrees of separation strategy sometimes yields the best Moove teams. Next, choose a captain from your group [not a lot of responsibility here, don’t worry]


Download the app. Available in the Apple and Android stores, send this QR code to get Mooving [Pro tip: be sure to opt-in for all notifications in the app and in your phone settings. We promise it will come in handy on busy days]


For the Captains. After app download, create a Moove account. Open the app and sign up! Once you’ve selected a league, create a team. Copy the link to “join team” and text/email it to your teammates.


For the Teammates. Download the app (remember Step 2?) and follow that link to register, complete a Moove profile, and join the team!


GET MOOVING! Keep an eye on the MATCHUP tab in the app to check out who you are matched up against week to week. Let the games begin!

When considering which league to choose:
League selections will vary from season to season and could include location-based, skill-based, and workout-based options. Many teams will have people from multiple areas, so join the league that you think fits you best geographically or socially. Consider joining a league where you know people, even if the league doesn’t align with your current location or skill. Leagues are created based on the number of players on each team, so be mindful of your team’s size when selecting a league.

Rules and Regs

Good sportsmanship is the number one rule of Moove. That includes but is not limited to the following:


Honest point entry. The completion of activities and times entered are based on the honor system. Rule of thumb: if you don’t feel good about adding it, you probably shouldn’t. If an activity is trackable via a wearable or a phone app, please use that for ease and accuracy. For untrackable activities (ie pushups, gardening, etc.) please log your exercise honestly


Timely point entry. Log your activities as you go.

  • Allows your team and your competitors to see point standings in real-time. Hoarding points and posting them at the last minute is truly poor sportsmanship.
  • Easy for you to do via the app. Everyone is on their phones all the time. Don’t make us request your screen time numbers!
  • Best practice. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you ran five miles and forgot to log it?


If a sub is required on your team for injury or otherwise, the captain is responsible for finding a sub to fill the spot. The original team member cannot return to the competition until the following week. During the playoff week, no subs will be allowed once the week begins. Captains: When a sub is required, remove the benched team member and send an invite link to the sub. At the end of the week, remove the sub and ask the original team member to rejoin the team.


Moovements and Point Values
Any time or miles/reps entered should represent an activity done with the intent of exercising/moving your body.

  • Day-to-day activities (ex. laundry and grocery shopping) do not earn points
  • Double counting is NOT allowed. For example, If there are squats in your exercise class, you cannot earn points for both the class minutes and the squats. You must choose one or the other [Pro tip: Choose the one that earns you more points.]
  • Point Entry
    • All players must input scores as close as possible to the time the activity/exercise was completed. Did we say that already? Here is another reason to enter ASAP: in the event you or a teammate forgets to enter, points CANNOT be retroactively added to a previous day’s score.
    • In the final hour of each week’s competition, no team member may enter more than 30 points in that final hour. At the end of the day, we want this competition to be fun, fair, and feel good for all who participate. Holding points is *NOT* allowed!

Private Leagues

Wondering if MOOVE PRIVATE will work[out] for your group? Keep reading…

Any size. Big or Small.

We can accommodate groups as small as 16 and as large as, well, sky’s the limit! From large corporations [think Meryl Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Salesforce] to small groups with a common thread [camp friends, school teachers, and even a group that all love the same podcast!] anyone can Moove Private.


Start When You Want. Moove How You Want.

When you Moove Private your group can choose a convenient start date, number of weeks to compete, and how many days to work out each week. This type of flexibility maximizes engagement and provides a great experience for Moovers.


Feel Good Camaraderie + Friendly Competition

Moove Private encourages groups to come together to achieve a common goal, allowing participants the chance to see co-workers and friends in a new light and form stronger and more personal bonds. Whether you see each other daily on Zoom meetings [Zoomed out?] or you haven’t caught up since Homecoming 2018 [the hangovers!], Moove Private encourages connection in a feel-good, fitness-focused way. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love to beat out the coworker who just has to CC the boss on every correspondence? Per our last email, let the games begin!


“Lets Moove” is the new “Meet for Drinks”

Moove Private is a healthy way to stay connected. Because meeting up for boxing at 6pm > BOGO happy hour – we guarantee your body will thank you. And in the spirit of good fun, you can still run wild, just make sure to enter your miles after.


MOOVE IN 3, 2, 1….

We make it easy to Moove Private. Email us to inquire about a league and chat with a Moove team member about options. We can’t wait to Moove with you!


Whether you are brand new to moove or a seasoned vet (or a Day 1 Pelovid OG, IYKYK) we love that you are passionate about moove. While we love that passion (seriously, we do) we also ask for your patience. We are new to the app space and our team is working tirelessly to provide a seamless user-friendly interface and overall experience. Obstacles are bound to arise along the way while we work toward that goal; in the meantime, we are here to listen, help and answer questions.

Tech Issues

Shift happens in the online world, we get it. If you find yourself with technical difficulties email us We’ve got a team on standby ready to help.

General Questions

Any non-technical Moove-related questions or comments? Reach out via or @moove_together on Instagram.