The Basics

Moove is a platform that allows people to compete against others either individually or with a team through their fitness, mindfulness & well-being.

There are 2 ways to play:

Solo play: Invite a friend to a 5 day competition. Enter your workouts daily to ensure you are victorious! Wins and losses are recorded on your personal page.
League Play: Teams compete in head-to-head matchups weekly with another team in your league. Win enough and your team moves up in the standings as do your chances of making playoffs where only one team can be named champ.

  • Private: Start a free league of up to 32 people with teams of 2,4, or 8 OR reach out to us to have moove create a custom league for you for bigger groups. In both scenarios

  • Public: We run location-based public leagues 3 times a year that deliver the same experience as private leagues, but instead of playing against friends/colleagues you play against other moovers in your area. Get on our email list so you know when the next one is!

Create a FREE league

Leagues run 4 weeks long and consist of 3 weeks of regular season with the last week culminating in the playoffs.

Team sizes can consist of 2,4, or 8 and leagues can have up to 32 players in their league. Teams play in head-to-head matchups Monday-Friday.

Get points for your team daily by exercising and adding your workouts. If everyone on your team gets to 10 points that day — bonus points are rewarded to the team. Points have to be added Monday – Thursday up till midnight (Central Time) and Friday at 6PM CT each day and can’t be added retroactively for a previous day’s workouts.

If your team wins enough matchups during the regular season to make the playoffs — Congrats and good luck!

If you would like a bigger, more custom, longer league with setup help — please take a look at our pricing for private leagues and reach out to

Custom Private Leagues

Get everything that the free league offers and then some. Our custom leagues are set up by our team to ensure ease of sign-on and allow for longer leagues, and bigger groups, as well as the ability to include weekends and off days.

Moove Private allows us to work with you to set up teams on the backend before the start of the season. We send personalized weekly emails with high achiever shoutouts, matchup results, standings, and even playoff previews….for those lucky enough to make it.

Moove Point System (MPS)

Earn points in any way you like to workout your body. Anything from surfing to yoga to meditation to running to rowing to rucking. With 150 plus activities and counting the point of moove is to value how any individual achieves their workout.

The Moove Point System (MPS) was developed by leading kinesiologists in their field. The foundation of the MPS is based in the science of energy expenditure and metabolism. Utilizing published research evaluating the metabolic equivalents (METS) for various activities to determine points for activities currently in the database on a per minute, mile or repetition basis. Meaning, we looked at the scientific data of energy spend and metabolism for every workout as a baseline for each activity. Beyond the science, we took our own experience working with individuals in both physical activity and athletics to confirm our findings.

With the current MPS operating on an honor system it warrants saying, the way two people do the same activity can be vastly different. Until we are integrated with wearables and can measure the intensity of someone’s activity — we live by the rule of “If you don’t feel good about entering, then you shouldn’t enter it”

Don’t see your favorite activity — please tell us at We are constantly adding activities to our list.

Rules and Regs

Good sportsmanship is the number one rule of Moove. That includes but is not limited to the following:


Honest point entry. The completion of activities and times entered are based on the honor system. Rule of thumb: if you don’t feel good about adding it, you probably shouldn’t. If an activity is trackable via a wearable or a phone app, please use that for ease and accuracy. For untrackable activities (ie pushups, gardening, etc.) please log your exercise honestly


Timely point entry. Log your activities as you go.

  • Allows your team and your competitors to see point standings in real-time. Hoarding points and posting them at the last minute is truly poor sportsmanship.
  • Easy for you to do via the app. Everyone is on their phones all the time. Don’t make us request your screen time numbers!
  • Best practice. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you ran five miles and forgot to log it?


Substitutions (for league play)
If a sub is required on your team for injury or otherwise, the captain is responsible for finding a sub to fill the spot. The original team member cannot return to the competition until the following week. During the playoff week, no subs will be allowed once the week begins. Captains: When a sub is required, remove the benched team member and send an invite link to the sub. At the end of the week, remove the sub and ask the original team member to rejoin the team.


Moovements and Point Values
Any time or miles/reps entered should represent an activity done with the intent of exercising/moving your body.

  • Day-to-day activities (ex. laundry and grocery shopping) do not earn points
  • Double counting is NOT allowed. For example, If there are squats in your exercise class, you cannot earn points for both the class minutes and the squats. You must choose one or the other [Pro tip: Choose the one that earns you more points.]
  • Point Entry
    • All players must input scores as close as possible to the time the activity/exercise was completed. Did we say that already? Here is another reason to enter ASAP: in the event you or a teammate forgets to enter, points CANNOT be retroactively added to a previous day’s score.
    • In the final hour of each week’s competition, no team member may enter more than 30 points in that final hour. At the end of the day, we want this competition to be fun, fair, and feel good for all who participate. Holding points is *NOT* allowed!

Tech Issues

Shift happens in the online world, we get it. If you find yourself with technical difficulties email us We’ve got a team on standby ready to help.

General Questions

Any non-technical Moove-related questions or comments? Reach out via or @moove_together on Instagram.